Our Approach

Do more than belong: PARTICIPATE. Do more than care: HELP. Do more than believe: PRACTICE. Do more than be fair: BE KIND. Do more than forgive: FORGET. Do more than dream: WORK.
~ William Arthur Ward

What We Do

CommonHealth ACTION brings people together across sectors to create change because all roads lead to health.  Our spheres of impact include government, communities and nonprofits, business, and philanthropy. 

We help you to map, manage, measure, and master change

So what does that mean?  People spend energy, time, and money developing action plans that end up gathering dust.  That usually happens because no one thought to assess readiness for change; the planning missed key elements required for implementation; leaders lack support; there was no plan put in place to adjust the plan; and there was no plan to institutionalize the change through policy, program, or practice. We work to make sure that change-work isn’t just more work.  Instead, we position it as an opportunity to make you bigger, faster, stronger, smarter, and better at what you do or hope to accomplish.  We’ll make sure that you take your plan to action and your action to impact.

To create seismic shifts for good we:

MAP: Develop strategies and plans that amplify change so that it reverberates to and through the point of impact.

MANAGE: Support change through facilitation, monitoring, documentation, real-time recalibration, thought partnership, subject matter expertise, and guidance.

MEASURE: Identify and implement the best ways to evaluate the change process and its outcomes to inform recommended and necessary recalibration of strategies and plans

MASTER CHANGE: Identify innovation and lessons learned to ensure continuous improvement and so they can be institutionalized, replicated, and shared.

We’ll help you clarify your vision and then help you achieve it through strategic planning; program design and development; workshops and trainings; curriculum, organizational, and leadership development; facilitation; executive/leadership coaching and support; and communications.

For more on how we work with various sectors click on spheres of impact, or jump straight to learning more about our program services.