Carrers at CommonHealth ACTION
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Our 5 Ms:


We develop people and organizations to produce health through equitable policies, programs, and practices.

The people we work with recognize that they need change. They want to grow, make progress, build relationships, fix something that is broken, or create something that has never been seen or done. We approach change with tools and processes that are different because we did not just coin the phrase respectful entry and successful exit©—we live it.

Working with you, we will build sturdy bridges from where you are to where you want to be.  We will use strategies that reflect your values, build collective will, and ensure perspective transformation (know different—do different).  Sometimes the journey to change will be tough but we will be with you every step of the way as your on-call experts, voices of reason, partners in laughter, people with Play-Doh, and yes, we will even bring the snacks!

We Make It Easy to be EquitableTM
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  • Do more than belong: PARTICIPATE. Do more than care: HELP. Do more than believe: PRACTICE. Do more than be fair: BE KIND. Do more than forgive: FORGET. Do more than dream: WORK.
    ~ William Arthur Ward